GHI Strategy for the Future

Reimagining Aging and Squaring the Curve

GHI is among The Mayo Clinic and other expert peers in the field of aging services as we focus on “squaring the curve.” Our goals are clear: to partner with older adults in seeking the healthiest life for the longest possible time. We are squaring the curve through innovative programs for residents in our Life Plan Communities (LPCs) and older adults who participate in the services we deliver outside our LPCs, throughout Northern Virginia. Our outside services include Goodwin House at Home and Goodwin House Palliative Care and Hospice.

Our board-adopted strategic plan calls us to square the curve by enhancing current products and services for residents and Goodwin House at Home members who are part of the GHI family today. The plan also calls us to stretch and reach for what tomorrow promises and demands of us as we seek to better the lives of current and future residents, members and staff. Coming together to deliver on the promise of living our best lives – this is what we’re all about. Watch and listen as resident Tony Tambasco expresses our dedication to our mission, both now and in the future.

What we mean by the term “squaring the curve?”

  • Delaying and compressing until much later in life the onset and impact of health conditions related to aging.
  • Equipping older adults with information and services they can use to make decisions that maximize their independence, health and life quality.

The chart below provides a visual guide to the concept of “squaring the curve.” The green line with circles titled “Traditional” shows the trajectory of aging historically, through the latter part of the 20th century. This “Traditional” curve shows a slow, then accelerated decline in our health conditions. The purple line with diamonds titled “21st century” reflects what is more possible today to extend independence, health and life quality further into our later years. The blue line with squares titled “Squared” reflects what research and science suggest is more and more possible. This is what we mean by “squaring the curve”—we plan to compress dramatically the onset of conditions associated with aging.



This concept of squaring the curve is evidence-based, as are we with these seven initiatives outlined in our strategic plan.

GHI Strategic Plan Initiatives

  1. Renewing and Sustaining Excellence In Everything We Do
  2. Advancing and Growing Our Life Plan Communities with a focus on serving more economically diverse older adults (often called “The Mid Markets”)
  3. Advancing Home and Community Based Services, also with a focus on serving more economically diverse older adults
  4. Becoming a Catalyst for a Higher Quality of Life for Persons with Dementia
  5. Becoming a Destination for Talent at All Levels with a Passion to Change the Way Society Views Aging and Develop a Talent Engine Poised for Mission Expansion and Structured for Excellence
  6. Delivering Technology that Enhances Quality of Life for Residents, Members and Persons Served and Accelerates Mission and Business Performance
  7. Expanding Governance Excellence across all GHI Boards to Assure Mission Attainment and Strategic Focus

From Plan to Reality

Our planning model is innovative, even disruptive at times. It involves six cross-functional “advance teams,” one for each of the management-led initiatives. Our Board of Trustees is accountable for the seventh initiative related to governance. More than 50 colleagues serve on these six advance teams, spanning all departments and bringing a rich diversity of experience and passion to their assignments.

The model also involves our residents, members of Goodwin House at Home and our business partners. Residents already are participating in our Dementia initiative and our Technology initiative. Most recently, we invited a group of residents to participate in Smart Community workshops to inform the ways we will invest in technology. After all, technology is not the end goal; it’s the means to the end goal of building purpose and quality of life for our residents and members.

Our Mission and Business Success Measures

As we strive to square the curve, this is how we measure success:

  1. Affirm what serves current residents and members and build on their knowledge and experience to deliver excellence and innovation going forward
  2. Extend the quality of life and human dignity of older adults by “Squaring the Curve” for those in our Goodwin House family now and those to come
  3. Harness the power of socialization and relationships to cultivate rich communities of connectedness and a deep sense of belonging
  4. Invite and involve residents, members and colleagues to contribute their talents
  5. Create the opportunities for older adults to flourish in the life they choose in the place they choose
  6. Ensure more older adults of modest means are reached, touched and served by the Goodwin House mission
  7. Unleash the power of intergenerational + inter-economical services by developing, supporting and expanding such services to our region
  8. Make a difference in how society views older adults by investing ourselves fully in reimagining aging
  9. Maximize our organizational effectiveness and leverage scale