Vision, Mission & Values

The leadership and staff of Goodwin House Incorporated (GHI) are intentional about the corporate vision, mission and values of our organization. The vision, mission and values are the guideposts for our decision-making and our actions each and every day.

GHI Vision

Expanding the places and ways we serve older adults.

GHI Mission Statement

The mission of Goodwin House Incorporated is to support, honor and uplift the lives of older adults and the people who care for them through a faith-based, nonprofit organization affiliated with the Episcopal Church.

GHI Organizational Values

Service:           The call to service is the foundation of our mission.


Integrity:         We value the trust of others and by our actions endeavor to be worthy of that trust.


Community:   We seek, create and sustain strong and caring communities where those who live, work                             and visit will find places of welcome and belonging.


Individuality: We believe that each person is of sacred worth.  We celebrate the uniqueness and                                      diversity of the members of our community.


Excellence:     What we do, we will do well.  We strive for excellence in capability and execution.

and Learning: We seek to learn so that we can lead.


Heritage:         We honor and remember wisdom, charity and dedication of those who created this                                     organization, and seek to serve with the purpose and faith they intended.


Growth:          We commit to broaden and extend our charitable purpose and mission through thoughtful                          and prudent growth.