In the News: You Should Know About Frontotemporal Dementia

By Kathie Miller, GHI Corporate Director of Marketing & Communications

As we consider content for The Good Life, we explore topics that are most relevant to us as we age. I like to make the case that these are the same topics we might explore whether we’re writing for people in their 20s or their 80s. Of course, the way we examine them might be different throughout the decades. This is to be expected. Perspectives change with age, as do many aspects of life such as health, personal finances, relationships.

One topic we cover often is dementia. And dementia is considered by many to be something we needn’t worry about until we’re older, or perhaps someone we know is older and actually dealing with the condition. We are here to challenge that perspective. We are here to remind our readers that we’re all in this together. We are all aging, together!

Sometimes, the national news helps us point to how true this can be.

Recently, CBS’s 60 Minutes reported on frontotemporal dementia (FTD). The lead-in to the story calls FTD “the cruelest disease you have never heard of.” The most common form of dementia in Americans younger than 60, FTD is fatal and causes changes to speech and personality. The impact it has on people and their families is unimaginable. 

Watch as Bill Whitaker takes on this difficult subject and shares with us the stories of two individuals affected by this disease, one of whom is only in his 40s and has a young wife and family. I also recommend you take the time to watch their behind the scenes feature on what it was like to cover this story.