Charitable Care

Most of the charitable care is provided through The Fellowship Program, which is funded by Goodwin House Foundation.

When Goodwin House opened in 1967, a major goal was to provide a dignified residential environment for those in our community who have limited resources and to support them in their later lives. Many were women who had maintained extended families throughout the Great Depression and World War II and then found themselves with limited or no pensions in a vastly changed, more complex, and less supportive world.

Over the last 47 years, pensions and health care have improved for many individuals; however, others have not been so fortunate. With the extreme economic downturn in 2008 and 2009, some residents saw their pensions shrink drastically or even disappear completely.

The Goodwin House Fellowship Program provides confidential financial assistance to support these residents who have suffered great losses or who have outlived their financial resources.  The Fellowship Program is at the heart of our mission.

In FY 2015, Goodwin House provided $1,242,088 in financial support to residents and individuals moving into Goodwin House through the Fellowship Program.