Marketing Calendar

We are excited to inform you that Goodwin House Alexandria is undergoing an extensive refurbishment of its first floor common areas and amenities over the next few months. Our community is still fully functional during the renovation process. If you would like to visit us during this time please contact Marketing Associate, Janean Wood, at 703-824-1243 to set up an appointment.

Once the renovations have been completed we will be hosting several events at Goodwin House Alexandria to feature our newly refurbished spaces. Please check back for more information about those events.

We will still be hosting Goodwin House Marketing Events during this time; however they will be held at Goodwin House Bailey’s Crossroads, located at 3440 South Jefferson St., Falls Church VA, 22041. Please join us to learn more about your future retirement; whether it be at Goodwin House Alexandria, Goodwin House Bailey’s Crossroads, or in your own home with Goodwin House At Home.