Visitor Parking

As you may know, Goodwin House Alexandra is in the process of building a new Health Care Center. During the construction period, we will have more traffic and limited parking. We want to accommodate our residents, family members and visitors. We thank you for your patience and we are so excited for our beautiful new Health Care Center opening in 2017!

In the meantime, please follow these directions once you are on the property. Unless otherwise noted with different signage on the premises, please drive up the hill bypassing the left turn and the sign for the Main Entrance. Proceed to the very top of the hill where there will be a STOP sign. Turn right at the STOP sign for Visitor parking and park anywhere on the top parking deck. Please note that the parking spaces to the left of the STOP sign are for resident parking only; with the exception of the Handicap spaces.

When you exit your vehicle, please walk across the lot towards the construction area. Use the sidewalk and you will come to signs that say, Resident Entrance and Rear Entrance. Do not use the Resident Entrance. Please go ahead to the Rear Entrance, as that will place you in the Lobby. Please do not use the Resident Entrance even if you see someone going in to it as you will need to sign in at the Lobby. This is part of our security here at GHA. Once inside the Lobby proceed to the Front Desk and sign in.

If our Visitor parking lot is full, please go back down the hill and pull up to the garage on the left hand side. Push the button and the Front Desk Staff will open the garage door for you. Only park in spots that are not labeled “Resident”.

Please do not park in the Church of the Resurrection parking lot, their lot is for their functions only. If you do park in their lot your car has a chance of being towed.

Thank you and we are looking forward to having you visit us.