Our Strengths

Goodwin House is recognized nationally as a leader in the field of senior housing.  But what makes Goodwin House unique is a combination of a strong mission statement that is the focus of what we do, as well as our desire to work with our key stakeholders to “do the right thing.”  We strive to consistently listen to what our residents, their families and future generations are seeking.

Our residents tell us that the strengths that they most appreciate include:

  1. Goodwin House Foundation which funds our Fellowship Program.  The Goodwin House Foundation ensures that no resident will be asked to leave if they have exhausted their resources through no fault of their own.  Additionally, Goodwin House has been able to assist individuals moving into the Goodwin House Communities to subsidize their entrance fee, monthly fee or both.  In the last several years, we have assisted residents at close to one million dollars annually, and our Board has set a goal to support 10% of our residents in residential living.
  2. Goodwin House Home Care.  Goodwin House added a home care agency in 1989 to its list of services at the request of residents.  Residents felt more secure knowing strangers were not going to be helping them in their apartments, but rather the same high quality staff that had been vetted by our rigorous standards would be the staff helping them.  The Goodwin House Home Care program serves residents at both communities.
  3. Goodwin House Hospice.  We added a Hospice program in 1989, which became Medicare certified in 1999.  As Jim Carroll, a Goodwin House Alexandria resident, once said “Goodwin House staff members see us on our best days, our worst days and our last days.”  We are proud of the loving care provided by our Hospice team.  They were recently recognized for their high quality of care during the state inspection survey.
  4. Goodwin House also has an accredited Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) program.  We are one of the few CCRCs in the country that offers both a Hospice program and a CPE program. The residents in our communities will tell you that they benefit by having CPE students in our communities, and the CPE students will tell you how grateful they are that they have elders who have so much wisdom to share.
  5. Goodwin House has an extraordinary Board of Trustees.  This volunteer group of professionals is dedicated to Goodwin House and provides expertise and fiduciary oversight.  The cost of this type of expertise if we were to hire it would be valued at hundreds of thousands of dollars.  We have legal, development, construction, architectural, insurance, marketing, public relations, financial as well as a host of other experience that is fully utilized through a very effective governance structure.  In fact, strong governance was noted both in the CARF-CCAC evaluation process as well as by Fitch Investors.  (Click here to read press release)
  6. Goodwin House is financially strong.  Through strategic, but conservative growth, Goodwin House has gone from serving a little more than 300 individuals to serving more than 1000.  Goodwin House provides the future health care for residents who have a life care contract, and as such, it conducts an annual actuarial assessment to ensure that we can meet our future obligations, as well as forecasts whether we have adequate health care to support our resident population.
  7.  Strong census.  Our residents understand that having a strong census will ensure that the organization can operate the communities effectively and efficiently.  To that end, we are grateful for all our residents do to help us with our marketing efforts.  With a full census, we rely on residents to open their homes to future prospects.
  8.  Wonderful residents, fully engaged.  Our residents have led interesting lives, have professional experience and are willing to share their time and talent with their communities.  They appreciate each other and we appreciate them.  We strive to be open in communication and disclosure.   You will see that we have active resident councils and residents participate in Board committees and Board meetings.

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) made recommendations about best practices for CCRCs regarding disclosure. We are proud to share how we measure up here.

Suggested CCRC Best Practice What Goodwin House Does
Provide financial information and explanation to understand the overall financial conditions
  1. The CFO meets quarterly with the Finance Committee at each community to review financial reports and answer questions.
  2. Residents who chair their Finance Committees attend the quarterly Board Finance Committee meetings.
  3. The Financial Disclosure Statement is put in the library for all residents to review.  A copy is provided to anyone who requests one and a copy is provided to anyone who reserves a Goodwin House apartment.
  4. The President and CEO verbally presents a semi-annual “state of the organization” report to residents at each community; hard copies of her remarks are provided through the Resident Councils and in the libraries.


State fees and how they might increase over time These are included in the Financial Disclosure Statement.
Provide a contract written in clear, understandable language Resident agreements are written in plain English as opposed to legal jargon, and we include in our disclosure statement an explanation of the key areas of the contracts, in addition to the formal contract language.
Explain how a resident transfers to different levels of care, if needed The Level of Living policy is included in the financial disclosure statement and is reviewed with prospective residents
Outline the procedure if a resident’s financial resources are depleted The Goodwin House Fellowship Program, funded 100% by Goodwin House Foundation, is a tremendous financial safety net to assure residents’ peace of mind.  Residents may talk with social workers at any time if they have a financial concern.  If there is financial need, the Fellowship Program can step in to cover the gap.
Fully disclose the ownership, management and governance of the community This information is clearly outlined in our financial disclosure statement and we review these matters in informational lunch meetings for prospects, and in the CEO’s semi-annual meetings with residents.