Friends Helping Friends

The Friends Helping Friends Program began in 2008 when the downturn in the economy created financial havoc with the lives of so many staff.

Although Goodwin House did not reduce staff during this crisis period, many staff spouses lost their employment, putting their families’ stability at risk.  To help staff during times of financial difficulty, Goodwin House has the Friends Helping Friends Program.

Friends Helping Friends assists staff by providing food and gifts for staff and their families, especially during the December holidays.  Though the economy has been recovering since then, the Friends Helping Friends Program continues to help those in need.


“One staff member, whose husband was out of work, told her children that she heard that Santa was sick this year and that if Santa wasn’t feeling better soon he would not be able to come to their home.  The support Friends Helping Friends provided to this employee made it possible for her to provide gifts for her children.” 

                                                                          – Fran Casey, Corporate Director of Human Resources