Ruth Anderson Leadership Fund

The Ruth Anderson Leadership Development Fund was established in 2005 by Goodwin House CEO, Kathy Anderson, in memory of her mother Ruth Anderson whose career as a teacher inspired many.  The fund provides emerging Goodwin House leaders with financial support to participate in formal leadership development programs.

“My experience in the Emerging Leaders Program has been the highlight of my time at Goodwin House. Thanks to the program, I have learned valuable leadership tools such as stakeholder analysis, influencing strategies, and critical conversation techniques that I have incorporated into my management repertoire. In addition, my confidence as a leader has increased, giving me the self-assurance to speak up and make decisions that have a direct impact on the organization. I am very grateful to Goodwin House for providing the time and resources for staff to participate in and benefit from this wonderful program.”

  -Holly Hanisian, Human Resources Recruitment and Training Coordinator