Annual Notice

Goodwin House CPE Program

CPE Program Annual Notice

The Family Education rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) applies to all ACPE CPE programs.  FERPA addresses privacy not confidentiality issues.  This means students own the information about them and must know what is being collected and how it is being used.  Their information cannot be shared without their written permission.  This Annual Notice describes our protocols for the proper handling of student records.  Additional information about our center’s Record’s Management protocols can be found in the Student Handbook, Student records Policy.

I.   Students’ Right to Privacy This ACPE CPE center/program guarantees to its students the rights to inspect and review education records, to seek to amend them, to specified control over release of record information and to file a complaint against the program for alleged violations of these Family Education and Privacy Act (FERPA) rights.

II.   Directory Information

        Per FERPA, Directory Information is student information not generally considered harmful or an invasion of privacy if released.

  • At the Goodwin House CPE Program, the directory information that is placed in the student orientation manual for distribution to peers and that is distributed to the staff chaplains includes name, phone number, and email address. If a student wishes to opt out of inclusion on the Directory List, the student needs to contact the Director of CPE at least one month prior to the start of the CPE Unit, or upon acceptance into the program.
  • At the beginning of a unit, students may be asked to either write or be interviewed for an article about him or herself in the Resident newsletter and/or resident website. This may include name, short biography and photograph, biographical information (e.g., theology degree and school, religious affiliation, hometown, etc.) included article is to be reviewed for editing by each student.  Again, the student may opt out with proper notification.
  • All other information is released only with the student’s written, signed, dated consent specifying which records are being disclosed, to whom, and for what limited purpose.

III.   A Student record is: (1) any paper record (paper, electronic, video, audio, biometric, etc.) directly related to the student from which the student’s identity can be recognized; and (2) maintained by the education program/institution or a person acting for the institution. At this center, while the student is enrolled, the student’s record consists of a file folder in the CPE Office containing:

  1. ACPE application face sheet, with directory information, and essays
  2. Materials applicant submitted with the application
  3. Letters of reference, any correspondence, forms
  4. Evaluations and certificate of each unit completed

The official records maintained by the Center on each student after the student has complete his/her time of enrollment will include:

  1. Student final unit self-evaluations
  2. Supervisory evaluations
  3. Pertinent documentation
  4. Acceptance letters (Center’s and student’s)
  5. Scholarship award letter, if applicable
  6. Letters of reference, correspondence, emails, forms
  7. Letter of postponement, withdrawal or termination
  8. Requests for copies of evaluations
  9. After ten years: face sheet, dates of attendance, and evaluations if saved.

Current students can restrict directory information and/or record access at any time during attendance.  Restrictions will be honored even after the student’s departure.  Former students cannot initiate new restrictions after departure.

IV.   Other details of our center’s record’s management protocols:

 A student has the right to object to record content.  If not negotiable, the written objection will be kept with and released with the record.  Grades are exempted from this right.

 At the completion of each unit of CPE, the Intern/Resident’s name, address, denomination and unit of CPE successfully completed will be sent to the ACPE office on the student unit report.  Students are responsible for maintaining their own files for future use.  The center may destroy the student’s permanent file of evaluation reports after 10 years.  Students will be informed at the time copies are given to them that it is their responsibility to keep copies for future use.

An Intern or resident is able to review her/his record within 45 days of the request.  If an intern or resident has outstanding financial obligations or cannot come to the site, the center will note on the copy of the records “not available for official use.”  When an Intern/Resident’s student record contains identifiers of another student, those will be redacted.

Regarding research:  If information in student records or in a CPE supervisor’s records is considered of research value, and a CPE center or ACPE desires to collect and use such material for research, a release form shall be made available for the person’s signature.  No personally identifiable material will be used for research without the person’s written permission for its use.

To obtain a copy of their student record:

  1. The Intern/Resident submits a request in writing.
  2. The Intern/Resident pays a duplication fee of $5.00.V. Access to Student Records:

At GH CPE Program, those who serve as “education officials” and hold “a legitimate education interest” may have access to student records without student consent.  These individuals are:

The Director of CPE, the CPE Supervisor who interviews and/or supervises the CPE Unit in which the student is enrolled and the department administrative assistant.  Persons who may have access to some of the content of the student’s record are: those persons who serve on an interview committee for a particular applicant, the Human Resources personnel who process the student’s background check and related forms, and the Information Services personnel who process the request for computer access at the student’s clinical site.

VI. Violations of these protocols may be reported to the Chair of the Accreditation Commission at:  ACPE, One West Court Square, Suite 325, Decatur, GA  30030


Updated 4/2017