Community Engagement

Goodwin House in the Larger Community

At Goodwin House, we believe our team members and residents are part of a village. For our own community to thrive, we must reach outside of ourselves, into the larger community around Goodwin House, and act as advocates for residents and all aging adults.

Wherever and whenever we can, the Goodwin House team works to improve resources and experiences for those age 55 and better. To this end, we partner with many non-profit and civic organizations, as well as government entities, to improve the spiritual, creative, financial and health experiences of our older citizens.

Goodwin House supports more than 40 local not-for-profit organizations providing services for older adults, and we offer our facilities to other organizations and government agencies for events.

  • Our team members donate over 20,000 hours annually to not-for-profit organizations in Northern Virginia.
  • We provide over 15,000 hours of clinical education annually to students working in health care services for older adults.
  • Our efforts add up to $1,225,131 worth of time, talent and resources donated to promoting safe, healthy and fulfilling living for older adults across Northern Virginia.

Our Partners

We are proud to partner with some terrific organizations in our communities. Check out our partnerships below.

Government Organizations

  • City of Alexandria Commission on Aging
  • Arlington County Commission on Aging City of Falls Church
  • Fairfax County Commission on Aging
  • Fairfax County Long Term Care Coordinating Council
  • Alexandria City Affordable Housing Advisory Committee
  • Northern Virginia Aging Network (NVAN)

“Residents teach students about the spiritual journey of aging and nearing the end of life. Students offer residents an opportunity to tell their life story and befriend new people. Remain relevant and connected. We are faith-based, with faith not meaning one particular religion (although of course we are connected with the Episcopal church) but faith meaning a stance toward what is possible.”
– Liz Pomerleau, Director of Clinical Pastoral Education

Spiritual Education

Throughout history, pastors have served as spiritual guides, crisis counselors, unwavering supporters and teachers. That tradition is central to the Goodwin House Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) program.

We are among a small number of senior living communities that offer a professional theological training program. Our program is the only CPE in Northern Virginia and one of only about 350 accredited centers in the United States, most of which are in hospitals. The Goodwin House CPE is fully accredited by the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education.

Our communities are ideal settings in which to teach and practice pastoral skills. More than 1,000 residents call our communities home. More than 900 team members support the residents. Residents and staff come together along life’s continuum, sharing the ups and downs, experiencing joy as well as loss. And our people come from a wide range of cultures and faith backgrounds. This creates a setting that gives pastoral students the rare opportunity to develop relationships with older adults, their families and caregivers. These students develop their skills in providing pastoral support, home and hospital visits, leadership, public worship, pastoral administration and crisis intervention.

We are lucky to have the financial support of the Goodwin House Foundation for this unique program. We believe the program benefits not only the students but also the residents and communities the students serve when they leave us.

If you’re interested in the Clinical Pastoral Education program, please contact us.

Creative Engagement at Goodwin House

Goodwin House supports programs in order to foster a culture of creativity and lifelong learning. We celebrate artistic endeavors for residents and citizens of the larger community with internal art programs, exhibitions and trips to local museums.

Health Programs and Partnerships

We offer state-of-the art health care at Goodwin House, but we also work hard to grow and deepen the pool of management and health care professionals who serve seniors. We offer academic internships, hospital and nursing program partnerships, leadership in state and national associations, and the Goodwin House Emerging Leaders Program.

Programs we are most proud of include our dementia training and support initiatives. Every member of our team has participated in Dementia Friends information sessions. We also hold annual training sessions for all memory care employees to upgrade their skills and increase their knowledge by providing the latest information, training technology and science about Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Equally important, Goodwin House takes our knowledge and expertise out into the greater communities of Alexandria, Arlington and Fairfax to help make them dementia-friendly communities. Why? Because it is our mission to serve and uplift all seniors.

If you’d like to know more about how we live our mission and values through our community efforts, we hope you’ll call or visit us.

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