Governance and Nonprofit Commitment

Few industries will undergo as much change as senior living over the next decade, when a unique and large aging cohort – the Baby Boomers – will enter their older years. As the Baby Boomers age, senior living and care organizations must embody strong, healthy, wise and effective governance to demonstrate the ability to be concurrently enduring in their mission and brand values, and agile to the changing marketplace of 2017 and beyond.

GHI believes that governance excellence, humility, and a deep understanding of mission provide the heart of a nonprofit organization’s accountability to those it serves, to its future, and to the communities in which it operates. GHI believes that nonprofit governance includes understanding what it means to have the privilege to govern, to lead, to inherit a rich legacy, to advance the organization’s mission and reputation, and to be stewards of the mission and of the public’s trust for the long term.

GHI seeks to achieve effective and discerning governance through a relentless pursuit for Board Trustees that have:

  • Mission commitment – passion for the mission, willingness to devote time and resources to advance it and appreciation for our history and traditions
  • Deep understanding of the enterprise and of the special advantages and unique responsibilities of nonprofit organizations
  • Knowledge of the landscape in which we carry out our mission – demographics, workforce developments, public policy, and evolving consumer expectations
  • Agile and curious minds – people who ask ‘what about’ and ‘wait, what?’ questions
  • The ability to ask the tough question in the face of possible group-think
  • Courage, adventurous spirits
  • Strategic diversity