Our call to innovation and growth has endured for 60 years. It began when one individual, Allen Adams, had the vision and tenacity in the mid-1950s to create a retirement community in Northern Virginia at a time when few existed in the United States. His friend, Benjamin M. Smith, donated a generous piece of land in 1963 to build the first Goodwin House in Alexandria. As we helped to create the future of senior living by being one of the first purpose-built continuing care communities in Virginia then, today we continue to lead the way in bringing new models of service and care to senior adults.

Recent examples of GHI innovations include:

Innovative Models of Care

Successfully designed, constructed and opened the first Small House Living and Health Care Center in the National Capital Region and the largest of its kind in the Mid-Atlantic region of the U.S. Reflecting a $50 million investment, the Small House signifies a strong commitment to “person driven care” and concrete efforts to value individuals who need skilled nursing care rather than the outdated medical, institutional model see in legacy nursing homes.

ABC7/Newschannel Feature Story on GHI’s new Small House Health Care Center – November 2017

At Home Life Care

Successfully designed, created and launched the first life care at home program in Northern Virginia and the 16th in the United States – Goodwin House at Home. Available to individuals and couples age 55 and above, GHAH features five affordable, premium-quality membership and flexible financial options that allow our members to select what is best for their situation and their desires. Modeled after the continuing care concept in retirement communities, this unique program bundles an array of services and supports provided to members wherever they call home.

Research and Grants to Improve Senior Wellness and Health

Successfully created a program with Marymount University to expand falls prevention education and training available to senior adults and received an initial half-million dollar grant to introduce this evidence-based program to Northern Virginia. Now in its second year, falls prevention education is now available to seniors in dozens of locations across Northern Virginia.