Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this program like insurance? 

Yes, Goodwin House at Home offers plans that are insurance based products; however, we are not an insurance company. This program is sponsored by Goodwin House Incorporated, a not-for-profit faith-based organization that has been in existence for close to 50 years. The Commonwealth of Virginia Bureau of Insurance regulates Goodwin House Incorporated and Goodwin House at Home.

2. What are the differences between Goodwin House at Home and private long-term care insurance policies?

Goodwin House at Home focuses on care coordination and management as well as promoting our Members’ quality of life and quality of care.  There’s no waiting period with Goodwin House at Home and service begins as soon as a Member needs assistance with one ADL. Most long-term care insurance plans have a waiting period before benefits begin and require assistance with at least two ADL’s.  Our comprehensive plans are excellent options to consider for someone without long-term care insurance.

3. What are the geographic boundaries of this program?

To join this program, you must be a resident of Northern Virginia.  However, if you join the program and are a Member for at least one year residing in the designated (geographic) market area, the benefits are portable.  After a year, the benefits go with the Member as they travel or if a Member moves out of state, you can take your benefits with you.

4. How do I join the program?

All applicants must complete an application that includes a confidential financial statement. The application includes a medical release form authorizing your physicians to release your medical records for the past two years to us. Our Medical Director will review your medical records. Then our Member Services Facilitator will visit you to complete the in-home functional and safety assessment.

5. Are there any medical conditions that would preclude a person from joining Goodwin House at Home?

Yes, there are pre-existing conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, and Multiple Sclerosis that would preclude someone from joining our program. Other medical conditions will be handled on a case by case basis. If a Member receives a diagnosis such as Parkinson’s after he joins the program, Goodwin House at Home will provide care for this Member based on the financial plan chosen.

6. If two people live together, do both household Members need to join Goodwin House at Home?

No, both household Members do not need to join Goodwin House at Home.

7. Can any of the fees paid into Goodwin House at Home be used to move into a Goodwin House community?

Goodwin House at Home offers a variety of plans that work well for members moving to Goodwin House Alexandria or Goodwin House Bailey’s Crossroads. We are happy to explore the various options with you so you can make the best decision based on your long term goals.

8. Does the Goodwin House at Home membership give you priority to move into Goodwin House and move you up on the waiting list?

No, membership with Goodwin House at Home does not give you priority to move into Goodwin House nor does it move you up on the waiting list. If you want to move into a Goodwin House community and are not already in our Priority Club, we can assist you in that process.

9. What are Activities of Daily Living?

Bathing, dressing, eating, toileting/continence care and mobility/transferring are defined as ADLs.

10. What care services are included for Members of the program?

When you start to need assistance with just one Activity of Daily Living (ADL), Goodwin House at Home will arrange for your care and pay for that care up to the daily reimbursement amount of the plan you choose.

11. Do Goodwin House at Home Members get guaranteed access to Goodwin House Assisted Living and Nursing?

The objective of Goodwin House at Home will always be to honor and fulfill the long term goals of our Members. Other programs like Goodwin House at Home have been successful in taking care of 97% of their members in their homes.  However, if a Member chooses to move to an Assisted Living or Skilled Nursing facility or is no longer safe in their home, a decision can be made to move to a facility. The Member Services Facilitator will always contact the Member’s first choice for Assisted Living and Nursing. If the Member’s first choice is Goodwin House, the Member Services Facilitator will contact both Goodwin House communities for availability. If there is no availability, Members may add their name to the waiting list for Assisted Living and Nursing at Goodwin House. The Residents at Goodwin House will always have priority access to Assisted Living and Nursing.

12. Will Goodwin House at Home monitor the care in your home or in a facility?

Based on the Goodwin House at Home plan you choose, the Member Services Facilitator will coordinate and manage your care in your home or in a facility to ensure the care meets the Goodwin House standard of excellence. Your Member Services Facilitator will be your advocate throughout your membership in this program.

13. Do the monthly fees increase every year?

We budget for an annual increase of 3-5% based on inflation which is similar to our budget for our Goodwin House communities.

14. Will the daily reimbursement amounts increase?

Yes, the daily benefit for each plan will increase to cover inflation.

15. What percentage of the fees are eligible for medical tax deductions as medical expenses?

In 2014, 86% of the membership fee and the monthly fees may be eligible for a medical tax deduction.  You should consult with your tax advisor to see if these fees meet the criteria based on your own personal financial situation.

16. Would this program work for people who already have long-term care insurance?

Our flexible financial plans include lower cost plans that can complement long-term care insurance very nicely. We recommend that you schedule an appointment with us so we can show you how Goodwin House at Home can complement your existing long term care insurance policy.