Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Goodwin House at Home program?

Goodwin House at Home is a new program designed to address the long-term needs of older adults who wish to remain in their homes as they age. This membership-based program provides a comprehensive package of services, from wellness and social programs to home safety assessments and home healthcare services. Goodwin House at Home program gives older adults the assistance they require in their home as their needs change, as well as financial security in the form of pre-paid long-term care insurance.

How is Goodwin House at Home different from Goodwin House?

Goodwin House is a faith-based, mission-driven, not-for-profit organization located in the Northern Virginia suburbs of Washington, D.C. We are known for providing high quality service and exceptional quality care for almost 50 years. Our two premier continuing care retirement communities – Goodwin House Alexandria and Goodwin House Bailey’s Crossroads – offer all levels of living from residential living to assisted living, memory support and nursing care.  We recently expanded our services by launching Goodwin House at Home which offers the same caliber of care for those that prefer to age in place.

Why did Goodwin House start this program?

For several years, Goodwin House has been discussing how to expand high-quality services to more older adults in order to meet the current demand. The wait list for our residential communities has doubled over the past five years.  We want to serve individuals while they wait for the apartment of their choice to become available, but also provide an option to those interesting in staying in their home permanently.  In fact, AARP surveys have shown 90% of individuals 65+ want to remain in their homes as long as possible, and four in five (80%) in that age bracket believe they will always live in their current home.  Therefore, Goodwin House wanted to provide an additional option for older adults that offered the caliber of care and services we already provide within our current communities, but within the home environment.

Is this the same as a Village?

No.  The Village movement is an outstanding option for many older adults and their services complement the Goodwin House at Home program well.  There are many Villages throughout the Northern Virginia area and they all operate differently.  Many of the Village programs offer an array of social events, one-stop shopping with a concierge coordination component to support seniors who want to remain at home as they age, and most utilize a volunteer base to provide chore services and transportation. However, most Villages do not have provisions for long-term care other than to provide members with a list of home care providers, assisted living and nursing facilities.

Who qualifies for the Goodwin House at Home program?

Active, healthy adults, ages 55 and over, currently able to live independently.  Note that if two people live in a household, but people have to qualify to join the program.

What are the geographic boundaries of this program?

To join this program, you must be a resident of Northern Virginia.  We are not serving Maryland residents at this time due to insurance regulations in MD.

How does the program work?

Goodwin House at Home provides a guarantee of care for a one-time membership fee, followed by monthly fees that begin the first month of membership. Goodwin House at Home services are coordinated by a Member Services Facilitator who meets with the members on a regularly scheduled basis and will check in with them to ensure their needs are being met. The Member Services Facilitator can be seen as a surrogate son/daughter who will be there for members as a go-to for any services they might need. In addition to home health care services, the Member Services Facilitator will assist members with scheduling services that might be required for the upkeep of their homes, relying on a developed network of referrals from pre-screened preferred providers.  Although home maintenance is not covered by Goodwin House at Home program, it will facilitate estimates for the work, and ensure members are satisfied with the service. These additional services might include home maintenance, lawn care, or housekeeping

Is this program like long-term care insurance?

Yes, the plans offered by Goodwin House at Home are insurance based products; however, we are not an insurance company and the plans include unlimited care coordination at no additional charge. This program is sponsored by Goodwin House Incorporated, a not-for-profit faith-based organization that has been in existence for close to 50 years. The Commonwealth of Virginia Bureau of Insurance regulates Goodwin Incorporated and Goodwin House at Home.

What makes Goodwin House at Home different/better than long-term care insurance?

Goodwin House at Home removes the fear of the unknown as it relates to long-term care needs and protecting financial assets.  Our flexible financial plans offer predictable and manageable fees, and the assurance that a total package of long-term care services will be available when needed at a fraction of the cost if you paid for these services separately.   In addition, there is no waiting period, and services begin as soon as a member needs assistance with only one Activity of Daily Living (ADL).

Are all plans and services the same for every member?

No.  Goodwin House at Home members have a voice in making choices regarding their ongoing care.  Each member is assigned a Member Services Facilitator who will work with them to create a customized plan with the ultimate goal of keeping the member in their home as their care needs change.