Member Benefits

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Member Services Facilitator

You will have immediate access to a Member Services Facilitator who is a Goodwin House employee and a long-term care professional. Your Member Services Facilitator will coordinate home maintenance services and manage your future care according to a personal plan which you help design, eliminating stress from you or your loved ones.

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Home Safety Assessment

During the first year of membership and every other year after, we will provide a home assessment to ascertain any problems related to aging safely in your home.

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Home Maintenance

With a single phone call or email, Goodwin House at Home will assist you in finding a home maintenance professional such as a landscaper, painter, electrician, plumber etc. We’ll schedule the appointment, coordinate these services, and stay in close contact with you while work is done in your home to ensure your satisfaction. We can even add the cost of the service to your monthly invoice.  We do the leg work to find the professionals, but you pay for the service.

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Professional Referrals

If you need a professional advisor such as a lawyer, a financial planner, a tax expert or CPA, give us a call or send us an email and we can provide a list of professionals to contact.

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Wellness/Educational/Social Opportunities

Goodwin House at Home is committed to providing opportunities for members to connect with each other. You will be notified of social and wellness events organized exclusively for members, offered in the area, or scheduled at one of the Goodwin House communities.

Emergency Response System

Through our partnership with Virginia Hospital Center, we will provide, at no additional charge, a personal emergency response system from Philips with 24-hour coverage in your home whenever you need or want it.

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Care in Your Home

As soon as you need assistance in one activity of daily living (ADL) defined as bathing, dressing, eating, mobility or continence care, your Member Services Facilitator will coordinate the services in your home. Goodwin House at Home will pay for these services according to the financial plan you choose.

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Care Outside Your Home

Our goal will always be to keep you in your home, and other programs like ours have been successful in keeping 97% of their members in their home. There may, however, be circumstances where it is in your best interest to be cared for in an assisted living or nursing facility. If you need short term rehabilitation or a long term stay in a facility, your Member Services Facilitator will coordinate your stay and keep in contact with you and the facility to ensure quality care.

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Peace of Mind

By planning ahead and developing a relationship with your Member Services Facilitator, you can rest assured that Goodwin House at Home will deliver quality care in your home when you need. Also, by prearranging and prepaying for your future care now, you can protect your assets from the rising costs of health care.

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