Member Services Facilitator

HYour benefits start the moment you join Goodwin House at Home and continue for a lifetime. One of the most valuable benefits of your membership includes a Member Services Facilitator who meets you even before you pay your membership fee.  They will come to your home and help you understand the ways in which your future care needs can be met in your home.  It is a time to have a conversation about any environmental issues that may need to be addressed down the road, and what your preferences are if you need care in the future.

Your Member Services Facilitator will get to know you and understand what services you may already have to maintain your home, and any that you may wish to add.  They work with you to develop a personalized plan for care and services in the future, a plan that you can adapt over time, and they discuss who you want involved in decision making.

Your Member Services Facilitator will keep in touch with you periodically, and can be available whenever you call.  If you have an accident or illness, their services increase to help you find the services and care that you need to recuperate.  It’s nice to have an advocate in the health care field to help you understand and navigate medical issues as they occur.  And your loved ones will appreciate having someone to call on for help and information if they don’t live locally.

Members, and their families, know that they are supported by professional, caring Goodwin House staff and carefully selected partners to provide health care, home maintenance, and other services.