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Article from GHA resident, James Carroll, Chair of the GHA Environmental Committee – Thursday, March 17

New Building will be LEED Certified  

Recent research at the Harvard School of Public Health, the Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory and the SUNY Upstate Medical Center has suggested that indoor carbon dioxide levels of 2500 parts per million – less that 1/2 the previous assumed safe levels – might cause impaired performance and decision making.  The architects of our new medical facility have assured us that the small house building is designed according to code requirements for a nursing home.  Therefore the ventilation rate for this use, and in particular the resident rooms, will have approximately five times the amount of outside air mixed with the recirculated indoor air than compared to office or residential apartment buildings.

In addition to the higher percentage of fresh air, the equipment supplying this ventilation air throughout the building is monitored by a networked building management system that alarms facilities personnel when the unit shuts down for any reason or the outside air delivered by the unit drops by more than 10%.  This assures that the volume of fresh air remains consistent and as designed.

For large spaces with transient people, like the Auditorium, there will be CO2 sensors.  These too are well monitored by the building management system and will notify facilities personnel if the CO2 moves above 800ppm.  This level is a far lower amount than the threshold noted in the article referenced above.  Also a dedicated exhaust fan for the parking garage on G1 is also monitored and controlled by CO2 detector.  – Lee Pellegrino, Perkins Eastman Architects

Article from the Old Town Alexandria Patch – Thursday, December 3

Goodwin House Alexandria retirement community Thursday announced that construction has started on a new building on their Alexandria campus that will offer residents a 24-hour nursing care program. The building is part of a two-year construction process to expand the residential offerings at Goodwin House Alexandria.

“Breaking ground on this property epitomizes the Goodwin House vision of expanding the places and ways we serve older adults in communities,” said Kathy Anderson, president and CEO of Goodwin House, in a news release announcing the addition. “Our growth is directly linked to the unique needs of our resident to ensure their comfort, safety and optimal health.”

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