Stonebrook (Memory Support)

In Stonebrook, friendly and specially trained staff nurtures a warm, supportive setting where residents with Alzheimer’s or dementia can feel confident, secure and comfortable.

Care is uniquely geared to focus on individual strengths and abilities, empowering residents to challenge themselves and reach higher, yet attainable goals. Living in an environment carefully designed to feel like home, residents enjoy companionship, laughter, music, activities, friends, family and many other pleasures that make life engaging and full.

Stonebrook residents have access to many Goodwin House Alexandria amenities and services, plus specialized memory care and support. They are also served three tasty, nutritious meals daily.

Please note: The limited openings in Stonebrook are available to current Goodwin House residents first, and then to outside residents.

Current Availability: We currently have some availability, please contact 703.578.7201 for more information.