Annual Report (covering fiscal year 2016)

Goodwin House Incorporated (GHI) is a leader in Life Plan Communities (previously known as Continuing Care Retirement Communities) and other services for older adults. At the heart of our organization is our exceptional governance and our mission as a nonprofit organization, which is to support, honor and uplift the lives of older adults and the people who care for them. In addition to our mission of service, we also are deeply committed to financial strength and transparency. This transparency is reflected in many ways, including the publication of an annual report on GHI’s performance to achieve its mission. Our 2016 Annual Report is titled Exploring Possibilities, and captures the vision of our founders to explore whatever life requires, however life unfolds and the opportunities that beckon us to expand our mission. To view this current Report, click here.


  To view the 2018 art calendar, click here.

 Goodwin House Calendar

The residents and members of Goodwin House Incorporated (GHI) are always in pursuit to reimagine aging through their creativity and artistic gifts. To showcase their talents, the Goodwin House Foundation produces an annual calendar featuring the varied work of thirteen artists; one for each month with six representing each of our residential communities – Goodwin House Alexandria (GHA) and Goodwin House Bailey’s Crossroads (GHBC). In addition, the art selected for the Calendar’s cover, rotates between an artist from GHA and GHBC each year,

Calendars are given free of charge to residents and also to older adults in local churches and community groups as part of GHI’s community accountability commitment to support older adults in the cities where we provide services. To view the 2018 art calendar, click here.