Goodwin House Alexandria Receives Coveted Designation as Center of Excellence for Wound Management

November 13, 2018 – Alexandria, VA – Goodwin House Alexandria (GHA) recently became certified as a VOHRA Center of Excellence for Wound ManagementVOHRA is a national physician wound management group utilized for its expertise by Goodwin House Alexandria and Goodwin House Bailey’s Crossroads.

Only 10% of communities working with VOHRA Wound Physicians have qualified for this annual certification, and only 22 communities in the state of Virginia have received the designation.

GHA gained the Center of Excellence for Wound Management designation by::

  • Having a designated, accountable VOHRA Wound Certified Nurse on staff
  • Operating a verified outcomes-focused andphysician specialist-led wound care program
  • Achieving and sustaining a lower than 1% wound-related hospitalization rate
  • Conducting regular team meetings focused on quality and process improvement for wound care

GHA has an extensive commitment to wound care expertise on its staff which reduces the need for residents to visit a wound care center or hospital to have their wound care needs met. VOHRA wound physician Dr. Thomas Broughan visits GHA weekly to see residents who have a wound management need. GHA Assistant Director of Nursing Charity Ampong, RN, and GHA Small House Nurse Sallay Kanu, LPN, are certified as Wound Care Nurses and have completed 20 hours of specialized training. The training also provides GHA care professionals with knowledge on how to prevent wounds.

“Excellent care of our residents is an organization-wide goal,” said Barbara D’Agostino, Executive Director, GHA. “This wound care excellence certification is a wonderful example of the dedication of Charity, Sallay and all our colleagues to provide our residents with the highest levels of care.”

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