Leadership and Learning

Goodwin House serves as a long-standing leadership and training center. We are proud to employ more than 700 staff in our two communities. What many people do not know is that Goodwin House also helps to train students and other professionals who are not employed at Goodwin House.

Goodwin House provided $896,965 in training and leadership development in FY 2012.

Many of the training hours Goodwin House provides support students who are enrolled in health care education programs, which require hands-on experience in providing care. Programs hosted at Goodwin House Alexandria included the Red Cross Certified Nursing Assistant Program and the Everest RN School, where 57 RN students each received 50 clinical hours. Goodwin House Bailey’s Crossroads hosted the Fairfax County LPN program and the Northern Virginia Community College RN School. Goodwin House Incorporated also sponsors the Goodwin House Clinical Pastoral Education Program (CPE), which is an accredited program that helps students from all faiths learn pastoral skills and develop genuine pastoral relationships in a supervised clinical setting.  In FY 2011, 560 hours of training were provided.  The CPE program is underwritten by the Goodwin House Foundation.

Other significant learning partnerships where Goodwin House served as a professional training site include:

  • The George Washington University – Art Therapy Intern
  • Clemson University – Therapeutic Intern
  • Jeb Stuart High School – Office Technology and Procedures job training for special needs students and Work Awareness and Transition program
  • Arlington Career Center – Experienced-Based Career Education