Contract Options

Residents have different needs and expectations when they are considering moving to Goodwin House. We offer five contract options so that you have a choice in how you finance your potential future care costs. All plans offer the same guaranteed access to care, as well as the same guaranteed financial security should you run out of resources through no fault of your own. The type of plan you select determines how you pay for care should you need it.

Lifecare Plans factor future care costs into the fee structure. Monthly fees increase annually, but they do not increase when you transfer to higher levels of living. You pay Residential Living rates throughout your entire residency at Goodwin House. We have three different Lifecare Plan Options: Standard, Modified & 50% Refundable.

The Long-Term Care Insurance Plan does not include Lifecare. It is specifically for individuals who have long-term care insurance. This plan includes 90 days at a higher level of living (Assisted Living, Memory Support or Nursing Care). After 90 days, you pay the market rate for the care provided.

The 90% Refundable Plan does not include Lifecare. It is a fee-for-service plan, with monthly fees determined by your level of living. Monthly fees increase annually as well as when you transfer to a higher level of care.

You can read the current, full Resident Agreements associated with each of our contract options in our 2019 disclosure statement, which also includes audited financial statements and other pertinent information.  

Choosing the best plan for you takes careful consideration. We’d be more than happy to discuss details with you. Call 703.578.7201 or email and we will be in touch within one business day. Our offices are open Monday through Friday.