The strength of Goodwin House Incorporated (GHI) begins with its clear statements of mission, vision and values, and is carried out through the strength, stability and integrity of its Board of Trustees, Foundation Board and executive leadership.  These seasoned and capable leaders are aligned in their focus to advance the levels of excellence and innovation for senior living, housing and care; ensure agility and financial strength to serve current and future generations of seniors through GHI’s products and programs; and to share our learnings and insights for the benefit of our peer organizations and the seniors they serve.

GHI Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is charged with maintaining and expanding the mission, strength, reputation of GHI, to be a partner with the executive leadership team in the development and implementation of the GHI strategic plan and to guide the trajectory for near and long-term growth and innovation. The Trustees of GHI are a highly respected and diverse group of individuals with significant experience in finance, real estate, organizational transformation, senior living and care, healthcare, branding and marketing, and philanthropy.

Goodwin House Foundation Board of Directors

GHI advances its mission through a 501(c)(3) supporting foundation that provides support for current and future residents in need and funds programs dedicated to seniors’ well-being and vibrant living. The Goodwin House Foundation Board oversees and expands the philanthropic base that enables GHI to provide financial Fellowship support to residents and prospective residents, and to fulfill the organization’s charitable intent.

GHI Executive Leadership

GHI is led and managed by an executive team that is responsible for advancing the levels of excellence and innovation for GHI residents and members, ensuring the financial strength of the organization, and above all, honoring, uplifting and supporting the senior adults in our life plan communities and other programs and the employees that serve them.

Goodwin House Resident Councils

Each of GHI’s two residential communities – Goodwin House Alexandria and Goodwin House Bailey’s Crossroads – elect representatives to their respective Resident Councils on an annual basis. These Councils provide guidance to resident involvement and activities in each community.